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The art of storytelling is truly an art in itself. I came across Termanology on a rising social media radio station platform, Stationhead on a show called "No Trap Radio". I was impressed by "Signs" and wanted to hear more. 
I began doing my research on this artist on several other blogs who reviewed this album and MEH is not even the word with this album for a rating by their listeners who obviously did not spend time listening to its message.

First off, lets get into the production of this piece because as a producer, I can feel its warmth and that they paid attention to detail with every kick, snare and melody. You can certainly feel the soul of this project.
The french horn aspects of this album brings me wholesome vibes. This is certainly grown folks music. The lyricism and overall delivery of this albums message resonates with me. It's simply, classic.
I felt that the features here complimented the mission…


ADA, OKLAHOMA artist, producer and podcaster Mo recently dropped a collaborative project this December and he fails to disappoint with this 9 track release that I checked out via Spotify. 

Internet Friends, starts with Light It which sets the mood with its phenomenal production and piano melody that captures your attention with Mo introducing himself lyrically and the passion that resonates his love for the ganja and the game. 
As I went through the album, Big Ol Round Titties was next up, and I giggled a bit at the title but again, the snippet and production really had replay factor even as a woman. The feature choices complimented the song and could be an anthem for breast lovers worldwide. 
Again, the production throughout this project was absolutely amazing. I feel that the beats were well put together, and the hooks were certainly memorable and vibe worthy. Ain't Worth My Energy, is certainly a ballad I could get with. 
I liked Ice…

Playlist Curators. The New A&Rs of the Underground?

Playlists have become an interesting trend within the Twitter community and I’m not talking hashtags. In the last couple of months, users have been using the platform to engage with tweets such as:

I’m going for a road trip, drop me some links.
I need new music, drop your links. 
Underground artists have been doing just that, dropping their links and turning regular listeners into playlist curators. With Spotify taking the playlist crown, it’s many DJ app integrations and now social media internet radio app, “Stationhead”, Curators that have an ear for music can make or break an artist based on its exposure to that playlist or station.

Here, I do things a little differently. One of the dopest things I’ve read about Spotify’s playlists is where you can create Collaborative Playlists.

The playlists. 
The playlists below are broken up into Genres. Pick the genre that best suits your ONE song, you add it to the playlist. G.O.T Radio aka Gas Or Trash Radio was designed with one goal in min…