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ADA, OKLAHOMA artist, producer and podcaster Mo recently dropped a collaborative project this December and he fails to disappoint with this 9 track release that I checked out via Spotify. 

Internet Friends, starts with Light It which sets the mood with its phenomenal production and piano melody that captures your attention with Mo introducing himself lyrically and the passion that resonates his love for the ganja and the game. 

As I went through the album, Big Ol Round Titties was next up, and I giggled a bit at the title but again, the snippet and production really had replay factor even as a woman. The feature choices complimented the song and could be an anthem for breast lovers worldwide. 

Again, the production throughout this project was absolutely amazing. I feel that the beats were well put together, and the hooks were certainly memorable and vibe worthy. Ain't Worth My Energy, is certainly a ballad I could get with. 

I liked Ice as the follow up because I can feel the ICEY complex in it. I guess that's a producer thing (lol) but again, great choice in artist selection for this record. 

Now, the Internet Friends Cypher was an extremely dope cypher. Each artist brought their A-Game with lyricism and the respect overall paying homage to the producer really made me smile. I really felt that aspect. 

Never Change, I like the switch up on the production in this song is amazing. "Internet Friends, more like family" line means alot to those of us who rely on our internet friendships more than real life. The message in here is certainly a dope message for us with Social Anxiety.

Last Night Barz Attacks is back on this featured song with a somber beat that actually sounds like what Midnight would sound like if it was a sound. Lyrics on point. The hook resonates with me because of alot of times we have turnt up to the point of blackouts. I relate to this song completely. 

Paranoid is certainly a great album cut. The hook is captivating and the message, again, relatable. 

Last but not least, to close out the album, Keep Pushing this song starts with a deep message to artists and producers on their grind. I felt that. I like the production on this with gives me that simple boom-bap vibe but with a 2020 mood. Took me back for a minute. 

Lets's take a look at some of the feedback on Twitter

Just to name a few. The overall feedback is great. 


The concept of this album is amazing. Internet Friends could certainly inspire more rapper/producers to collaborate with fans of their beats. To literally showcase a project and feature other rappers selflessly is a force to be reckoned with. 



Make sure you check out Mo's podcast, beatmaking, and other endeavors. 

Can't wait for part two!

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