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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Playlist Curators. The New A&Rs of the Underground?

Playlists have become an interesting trend within the Twitter community and I’m not talking hashtags. In the last couple of months, users have been using the platform to engage with tweets such as:

I’m going for a road trip, drop me some links.
I need new music, drop your links. 

Underground artists have been doing just that, dropping their links and turning regular listeners into playlist curators. With Spotify taking the playlist crown, it’s many DJ app integrations and now social media internet radio app, “Stationhead”, Curators that have an ear for music can make or break an artist based on its exposure to that playlist or station.

Here, I do things a little differently. One of the dopest things I’ve read about Spotify’s playlists is where you can create Collaborative Playlists.

The playlists. 

The playlists below are broken up into Genres. Pick the genre that best suits your ONE song, you add it to the playlist. G.O.T Radio aka Gas Or Trash Radio was designed with one goal in mind which is to have the HOTTEST station with the dopest underground artists in these genres. With Stationhead we will be playing the music submitted on our Live Show where we will see who’s throwing up that ⛽️ emojis and add your song to their own stations.

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Only ONE submission per person or you will be removed from the list.

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