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Saturday, December 28, 2019





The art of storytelling is truly an art in itself. I came across Termanology on a rising social media radio station platform, Stationhead on a show called "No Trap Radio". I was impressed by "Signs" and wanted to hear more. 

I began doing my research on this artist on several other blogs who reviewed this album and MEH is not even the word with this album for a rating by their listeners who obviously did not spend time listening to its message.

First off, lets get into the production of this piece because as a producer, I can feel its warmth and that they paid attention to detail with every kick, snare and melody. You can certainly feel the soul of this project.

The french horn aspects of this album brings me wholesome vibes. This is certainly grown folks music. The lyricism and overall delivery of this albums message resonates with me. It's simply, classic.

I felt that the features here complimented the mission of the track selection. The arrangement was done well as the songs flow into each other like it was meant to be.

One of the tracks I was really feeling was "Radio Killed" because you can feel the frustration that most of us feel about the politics of radio and popularity being a key factor in making dope music.

Another aspect of this project is that classic "boom bap" vibe that has been missing from hip-hop that I was REALLY feeling. I could certainly play this during my travels or simply chillin in my own element.

Nef, certainly brought in his A-Game in creating 3 of the instrumentals for this album. I was truly impressed by his sound and overall choices of a rewind yet "lofi"vibe to bring out the emotion of the tracks. They fit in together nicely like pieces to an audio puzzle.

The feedback on this is not too bad. Here were a few that stood out to me:

And that's just to name a few. I think that this is an album that shouldn't be slept on. I think blogs did not do justice with their reviews. They seemed very lazy and only wanted to hop on the band wagon once it was mentioned that hip-hop blogs were not biting this snack. Anybody could embed a spotify link and say "hear it" which is not an honest review, (to me at least). So I really took the time to listen and generate my thoughts on it from the prospective as a rapper, black woman, producer and also radio host who appreciates the culture.


As a 33 year old woman who is always talking about missing hip-hop's original sound, and you also miss it as well, you definitely want to check out this album. This is the 38th studio album from Termanology, and it is certainly has its replay factor.

One of the songs I added to my playlist is "F*CK Ya List" which I knock heavy. The messages in this album are deep, and can be related to as veterans in the game.



Make sure you check out Showoff Radio via Shade45 and give it a listen. Like, share and support this album that is certainly keeping the hip hop sound ALIVE.

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