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New Release: DCYP "2020 Visions"

DCYP DROPS 2020 VISIONS Platforms Everywhere

Brooklyn artist DCYP drops his highly anticipated EP "2020 Visions' and this EP is equipped with many emotions and musical pieces that bridges the gap of classic sounds with today's beats. 
DCYP delivers his message clearly, he's ready for what 2020 has to bring. It only takes 13 minutes of your time to have a listen and you'll be hitting replay before the albums end. 

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Minx Interviews: 2 Dub Official

I recently sat down with 2 Dub Official, an Ohio native artist influenced by many greats such as 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul and other hip-hop heavy weights in the game. 
Formally 2 Dub, he set out to utilize his skill of spoken word by taking to the mic his personal life events which inspires him to be creative. He has a strong love for his artistry, vowing to drop a nothing but heavy hitters this summer. 
Today, his highly anticipated album WTMW (Welcome to My World) officially hit platforms worldwide. Make sure you support 2 Dub Official by checking out his new release. 


Minx Interviews: City The Great

This video is all about City the Great, recording artist and hip-hop veteran. We cover the following subjects: -Quarantine -The State of Hip-Hop today -His new Mixtape on platforms everywhere. Twitter: @citythegreat_ Instagram: @citythegreat Youtube channel: City the great

MINX Interviews Marvin from The FAMCO


Minx Interviews: SmoothProducerMidnite

May 15th 2020 
Last Friday, I chopped it up with my homie, Smoothproducermidnite to discuss what we love most, production and being artists.
Our livestream experience started out choppy, but our viewers stood by to tune in to our segment as we got it together. Marlon, is passionate about putting together a quality project. He has family support that believe in his brand and push him to reach his goals. 
He hasn't let Covid-19 interrupt his goals of pushing his summer hit to Dj's, where his single "Lets Go" was recently played by DJ Epps on his IGTV. 

You can tell by the way his eyes light up his excitement of achieving this goal of getting his song chosen to be played and we share that with him. With hundreds of submissions sent for a chance to be played, this is indeed something to be excited over being that opportunities like this do not come often. 
SmoothProducerMidnite isn't new to this game, he has been honing his skill since 2001 when he first got the itch to c…

Minx Interviews Tony Grands

April 26th 2020 
On this episode of "The Minx Show Podcast RELOADED", I sat down with the one and only Tony Grands, Independent Artist, Podcaster and dedicated father. Tony or what we like to call him, Uncle Tony, is a California based creator who implements his life's lessons into his music and his amazing podcast Tony Talks Alot. He delivers quite a show that packs the punch in 15 minutes or less, but leaves you with knowledge and a few chuckles to get you through the day. 
Tony is wise, owns up to his mistakes and more importantly, relates to his listeners in many ways. Raising his own next generation of artists, he took time off to spend time nurturing their talents after the shock of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna's deaths on January 26th, 2020. 
Alot of his listeners were saddened by the news of his hiatus, including myself, but we all understood that timing is everything and with quarantine being our "new normal" Tony blessed us with an EP and his …

Minx Interviews: J.Marie Poetry

April 10th 2020

I recently sat down with the lovely J.Marie Poetry to discuss her journey as a rising spoken word artist and writer. 
J.Marie Poetry is infectious with laughter and full of spunk. Her "no-nonsense" attitude and drive towards perfection of her many ideas and overall hustle is inspiring to many. 
In this interview, we talked about how she got her start as a writer and eventually into erotic spoken word pieces. She explains where she gets her ideas, most of it from personal experience, as well as her future plans to take this erotica genre by storm. 

Besides being a beautiful mother, hard worker, and creative, she talks about what she would like to see in the world, gives awesome advice on how we can all utilize quarantine time, and certainly no filter and unapologetic. 

Talking with J. Marie is enough to make you check your own self at the door because you must come correct! She is serious about her craft and as well as networking and building with others. She…

Minx Interviews : A2ThaMo

March 20th 2020

I recently sat down to talk with A2thaMo again, this time its on my show! In this episode, we discussed our struggles with being podcasters and musicians. 
I find Mo easy to relate with as we talked about his beginnings as a rapper coming from a country element. His love for hip hop began by honing his skills by listening to Lil Wayne and tuning into urban entertainment such as Martin and others. 
He is strict with himself when it comes to production from creating one beat a day and actually completing the work he begins. He is not a fan of the "throwaway folder" because he gets work done and into his store.
His recent projects which include Internet Friends is direct evidence that Mo is a team player who creates fun projects with artists he has met along the way via his own Podcast A Podcast With Mo which he interviews artists and listens to submitted music for his music spin offs. 
Mo is intelligent, extremely observant, and doesn't mind being called a…

Minx Interviews: Rolla #RollaBrand

March 13th, 2020
In a world where everyone is trying to be the same, I can say that after talking with Rolla I am pretty inspired to be just that, me. 
I recently sat down with Rolla to discuss her thoughts on music today, her life as an independent artist and how branding herself sets her apart from other artists. 
Rolla is a very passionate artist and takes her craft indeed seriously. She is observant of the consistent changes in the music business as well as the obstacles she faces of having amazing music but not enough exposure. 
We explored the differences of true artistry and just being entertainers to social media and its troubled waters we must swim looking for treasure yet battling the many sharks and guppies of the underground. 
Her personality is electrifying down to her music which takes you to emotional places. She currently has two phenomenal releases and plans to give us more soon. 
Her drive is her fans and the people she can touch with her sound dynamic sound of pop …

To Catch a Scammer: Minx Exposes Social Media Scams

February 9th | Minx Couture

It's 2020 and we are beyond the information age when it comes to technology. The Internet can be a rewarding space but it is also a dark space filled with predators on a mission. 
Being a musician in today's day and age is exciting. Back in the day, the only way you were able to break records was if you "knew a guy" or had connections to the DJ booth in clubs and various venues. Today, we have websites like Soundcloud and Spotify to generate hyperlinks to share across the web. 
However, in the age of social media, it is also a breeding ground for wannabe A&R's and Music Consultants where they approach hungry artists with empty opportunities and sometimes threats.
In this article I will break it down for you because sometimes I think podcasting isn't ENOUGH to get my message out. 
Let's start with

I've been an Instagram member since its inception in 2010. With all of the changes, ca…

Minx Interviews: Barz Nice

February 7th 2020 | Minx Couture

It doesn't take much for Delaware native Barz Nice to be labeled as a "Boom Bap Chemist". This emcee and I sat down to discuss his life and passion for the Hip-Hop craft. 

After going on a hiatus, Barz and I talked about his thoughts on today's Hip-Hop as well as where he got his start as a second generation artist. Having worked with some greats such as EPMD, Big Daddy Kane and more, his soon to be released EP, Sample Situations has us waiting for the drop. 
The first single off this album No Mistakes Allowed shows us exactly why he is a Boom Bap Chemist in every way. He delivers us justice with his overall swag and lyrical skill and leaves you wanting to hear more. 
Barz is a master of his craft and intelligently does his part in awakening the masses with his message and overall versatility on different productions. 
The DMV blessed us with such an amazing artist and his contribution to the culture is much needed. 

Minx Interviews: Darryl Deon

January 24th 2020 
I recently sat down to chat with Darryl Deon, Cleveland Ohio rapper and producer to discuss his life as an artist and venture into the game and it's many obstacles.
We discuss his thoughts on the changes in the game as well as how his skills allow him to create new projects at the drop of a hat. 
His business mind is what keeps him going as he goes down deeper into the rabbit hole studying the music business and implementing strategies to promote his classics as well as new songs he has cooking. 
Darryl is an element of surprise, very thoughtful and passionate about his craft, talented, and came to play in this music game. He is more than just a rapper and producer, he is truly an artist and his work ethic reflects that. 
Make sure you check out his work and get to know him with this in depth interview and follow him across social media so that you don't miss his new releases.

Minx Interviews Kyng Solo

JANUARY 17TH 2020 
I recently chopped it up with Kentucky rapper, Kyng Solo about her life, her journey as an independent artist hitting each corner of the world from USA to Africa with her collaborations and support. 
Her discography is insane along with her ability to freestyle an entire record without writing down her lyrics which she has showcased countless times on her livestreams. 
She is a versatile artist, funny, intelligent and even though she is all about her business, she loves to contribute to the culture of hip-hop the best way that she can musically as well as being a motivational piece in this underground chess board. 
Make sure you check out her new album "My Life Styl" distributed on platforms everywhere here.

VRN Hayes "Motive"

Artist:  VRN Hayes Releases: Platforms Everywhere

Who is VRN Hayes?
Besides being one of the hardest working underground artists that I have personally seen to date, VRN does not hesitate to let the masses know, he's here and he's bringing more than just content to the table.
I followed VRN on Twitter, a few months ago and I was instantly impressed by his work ethic, dropping EP's on us that we deserved.
The first song that I checked out upon meeting on social media was "The Motive" which is such a remarkable song, speaking on the current climate of people living in stress and allowing life to consume them. The production and vibe in itself is a masterpiece with the feminine vocals adlibing his words, slept on is an UNDERSTATEMENT with this song.

After being pleasantly surprised, I had to dig deeper. VRN was especially busy in 2019. Dropping not one but 3 EP's. Still, retaining his dynamic sound and topics that can touch many, im going to start with Vernon.