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Minx Interviews: Darryl Deon

January 24th 2020 
I recently sat down to chat with Darryl Deon, Cleveland Ohio rapper and producer to discuss his life as an artist and venture into the game and it's many obstacles.
We discuss his thoughts on the changes in the game as well as how his skills allow him to create new projects at the drop of a hat. 
His business mind is what keeps him going as he goes down deeper into the rabbit hole studying the music business and implementing strategies to promote his classics as well as new songs he has cooking. 
Darryl is an element of surprise, very thoughtful and passionate about his craft, talented, and came to play in this music game. He is more than just a rapper and producer, he is truly an artist and his work ethic reflects that. 
Make sure you check out his work and get to know him with this in depth interview and follow him across social media so that you don't miss his new releases.

Minx Interviews Kyng Solo

JANUARY 17TH 2020 
I recently chopped it up with Kentucky rapper, Kyng Solo about her life, her journey as an independent artist hitting each corner of the world from USA to Africa with her collaborations and support. 
Her discography is insane along with her ability to freestyle an entire record without writing down her lyrics which she has showcased countless times on her livestreams. 
She is a versatile artist, funny, intelligent and even though she is all about her business, she loves to contribute to the culture of hip-hop the best way that she can musically as well as being a motivational piece in this underground chess board. 
Make sure you check out her new album "My Life Styl" distributed on platforms everywhere here.

VRN Hayes "Motive"

Artist:  VRN Hayes Releases: Platforms Everywhere

Who is VRN Hayes?
Besides being one of the hardest working underground artists that I have personally seen to date, VRN does not hesitate to let the masses know, he's here and he's bringing more than just content to the table.
I followed VRN on Twitter, a few months ago and I was instantly impressed by his work ethic, dropping EP's on us that we deserved.
The first song that I checked out upon meeting on social media was "The Motive" which is such a remarkable song, speaking on the current climate of people living in stress and allowing life to consume them. The production and vibe in itself is a masterpiece with the feminine vocals adlibing his words, slept on is an UNDERSTATEMENT with this song.

After being pleasantly surprised, I had to dig deeper. VRN was especially busy in 2019. Dropping not one but 3 EP's. Still, retaining his dynamic sound and topics that can touch many, im going to start with Vernon.