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My name is Minx Couture. I am a product of a thought.


Legends of Hip Hop: Scamming Up and Coming Artists and Producers?

Are Prominent LEGENDS in the game SCAMMING up and coming independent artists and why? 2020 has been one of the most difficult times for peop...

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Minx Interviews: Barz Nice


February 7th 2020 | Minx Couture

It doesn't take much for Delaware native Barz Nice to be labeled as a "Boom Bap Chemist". This emcee and I sat down to discuss his life and passion for the Hip-Hop craft. 

After going on a hiatus, Barz and I talked about his thoughts on today's Hip-Hop as well as where he got his start as a second generation artist. Having worked with some greats such as EPMD, Big Daddy Kane and more, his soon to be released EP, Sample Situations has us waiting for the drop. 

The first single off this album No Mistakes Allowed shows us exactly why he is a Boom Bap Chemist in every way. He delivers us justice with his overall swag and lyrical skill and leaves you wanting to hear more. 

Barz is a master of his craft and intelligently does his part in awakening the masses with his message and overall versatility on different productions. 

The DMV blessed us with such an amazing artist and his contribution to the culture is much needed. 

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