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Minx Interviews : A2ThaMo

March 20th 2020

I recently sat down to talk with A2thaMo again, this time its on my show! In this episode, we discussed our struggles with being podcasters and musicians. 
I find Mo easy to relate with as we talked about his beginnings as a rapper coming from a country element. His love for hip hop began by honing his skills by listening to Lil Wayne and tuning into urban entertainment such as Martin and others. 
He is strict with himself when it comes to production from creating one beat a day and actually completing the work he begins. He is not a fan of the "throwaway folder" because he gets work done and into his store.
His recent projects which include Internet Friends is direct evidence that Mo is a team player who creates fun projects with artists he has met along the way via his own Podcast A Podcast With Mo which he interviews artists and listens to submitted music for his music spin offs. 
Mo is intelligent, extremely observant, and doesn't mind being called a…

Minx Interviews: Rolla #RollaBrand

March 13th, 2020
In a world where everyone is trying to be the same, I can say that after talking with Rolla I am pretty inspired to be just that, me. 
I recently sat down with Rolla to discuss her thoughts on music today, her life as an independent artist and how branding herself sets her apart from other artists. 
Rolla is a very passionate artist and takes her craft indeed seriously. She is observant of the consistent changes in the music business as well as the obstacles she faces of having amazing music but not enough exposure. 
We explored the differences of true artistry and just being entertainers to social media and its troubled waters we must swim looking for treasure yet battling the many sharks and guppies of the underground. 
Her personality is electrifying down to her music which takes you to emotional places. She currently has two phenomenal releases and plans to give us more soon. 
Her drive is her fans and the people she can touch with her sound dynamic sound of pop …