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Minx Interviews: J.Marie Poetry

April 10th 2020

I recently sat down with the lovely J.Marie Poetry to discuss her journey as a rising spoken word artist and writer. 
J.Marie Poetry is infectious with laughter and full of spunk. Her "no-nonsense" attitude and drive towards perfection of her many ideas and overall hustle is inspiring to many. 
In this interview, we talked about how she got her start as a writer and eventually into erotic spoken word pieces. She explains where she gets her ideas, most of it from personal experience, as well as her future plans to take this erotica genre by storm. 

Besides being a beautiful mother, hard worker, and creative, she talks about what she would like to see in the world, gives awesome advice on how we can all utilize quarantine time, and certainly no filter and unapologetic. 

Talking with J. Marie is enough to make you check your own self at the door because you must come correct! She is serious about her craft and as well as networking and building with others. She…