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MINX Interviews Marvin from The FAMCO


Minx Interviews: SmoothProducerMidnite

May 15th 2020 
Last Friday, I chopped it up with my homie, Smoothproducermidnite to discuss what we love most, production and being artists.
Our livestream experience started out choppy, but our viewers stood by to tune in to our segment as we got it together. Marlon, is passionate about putting together a quality project. He has family support that believe in his brand and push him to reach his goals. 
He hasn't let Covid-19 interrupt his goals of pushing his summer hit to Dj's, where his single "Lets Go" was recently played by DJ Epps on his IGTV. 

You can tell by the way his eyes light up his excitement of achieving this goal of getting his song chosen to be played and we share that with him. With hundreds of submissions sent for a chance to be played, this is indeed something to be excited over being that opportunities like this do not come often. 
SmoothProducerMidnite isn't new to this game, he has been honing his skill since 2001 when he first got the itch to c…

Minx Interviews Tony Grands

April 26th 2020 
On this episode of "The Minx Show Podcast RELOADED", I sat down with the one and only Tony Grands, Independent Artist, Podcaster and dedicated father. Tony or what we like to call him, Uncle Tony, is a California based creator who implements his life's lessons into his music and his amazing podcast Tony Talks Alot. He delivers quite a show that packs the punch in 15 minutes or less, but leaves you with knowledge and a few chuckles to get you through the day. 
Tony is wise, owns up to his mistakes and more importantly, relates to his listeners in many ways. Raising his own next generation of artists, he took time off to spend time nurturing their talents after the shock of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna's deaths on January 26th, 2020. 
Alot of his listeners were saddened by the news of his hiatus, including myself, but we all understood that timing is everything and with quarantine being our "new normal" Tony blessed us with an EP and his …