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My name is Minx Couture. I am a product of a thought.


Legends of Hip Hop: Scamming Up and Coming Artists and Producers?

Are Prominent LEGENDS in the game SCAMMING up and coming independent artists and why? 2020 has been one of the most difficult times for peop...

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Minx Interviews: SmoothProducerMidnite


May 15th 2020 

Last Friday, I chopped it up with my homie, Smoothproducermidnite to discuss what we love most, production and being artists.

Our livestream experience started out choppy, but our viewers stood by to tune in to our segment as we got it together. Marlon, is passionate about putting together a quality project. He has family support that believe in his brand and push him to reach his goals. 

He hasn't let Covid-19 interrupt his goals of pushing his summer hit to Dj's, where his single "Lets Go" was recently played by DJ Epps on his IGTV. 

You can tell by the way his eyes light up his excitement of achieving this goal of getting his song chosen to be played and we share that with him. With hundreds of submissions sent for a chance to be played, this is indeed something to be excited over being that opportunities like this do not come often. 

SmoothProducerMidnite isn't new to this game, he has been honing his skill since 2001 when he first got the itch to create. He loves the hard work and puts in a lot of efforts into his sound. 

His music is for the people who love to dance and my personal favorite, Jook and Slide, takes you to a time where you want to be, perhaps a block party or barbecue with friends and family. It's such an amazing song, I call it an ode to summer kind of jam, where people of all ages can enjoy it and bask in its greatness.

He is a hardworking artist and producer, comical and showcases his arsenal of beats and projects via his Facebook. Ive tuned in to a livestream or two listening to the tunes hes created, or featured on . He has a love for gaming, especially the classics, and just generally uses this time of quarantine to build his networks and grow his fan base with apps like Triller and Twitter. 

In this episode, we get to learn more about this smooth producer, as we enter his zone. Make sure you check out his music and follow him on his social media networks. 

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