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What do you get when you mix passionate multi talented artists, positive energy amidst the horror of riots stemming from police brutality and children celebrating black boy and black girl joy? You get an amazing creative energy from Deeblaze The Pyro, D Swizz and Lunaa Redd.

Shot in Elmira, New York, the trio took to Economics Opportunity Program bringing together such an amazing event where children enjoyed the Summer heat with some heat celebrating the new single Black Boy Joy, on platforms everywhere July 20th, 2020.
Review: With the current climate of anger and uncertainty towards police officers after the death of George Floyd, this is an uplifting visual to see. Seeing young melanated boys and girls and those who stand in solidarity with us celebrating life and youth with their innocence choked me up a little. Puts me back to the "good ol days" vibe of running and playing with our friends until the street lights came on on a hot summer day. 
I was blown away by the song it…

Targeting Bots: Are Celebrities Viewing Your Stories?

As much as we would love to think our favorite celebrity has taken the time out of their busy lives to look at ours, sadly, this isn’t the case.  I spend a lot of time on Reddit, especially topics surrounding social media management and promotion. 
Today, I woke up to likes from days ago and I guess people are truly seeing the big picture.

Celebrities ARE out of work. They are not generating income. If we aren’t getting an honest days labor with a few hundred streams, neither are they. 
The rat race is real. Be mindful of who’s contacting you via DMS. They are as desperate and scammy as the next Spotify “curator” and more. They know you’re desperate for clout. They peak interest by “viewing your story” and then they hit you with a sales pitch. 
Just because they are celebrities, it doesn’t mean they won’t scam you. They’re hurting for that gullible artist with no management, copyrights, trademarks and education on the entertainment business.

Dear influencers and blue check muthafukkahs....w…