What's The Purpose of a Verification Badge If We Are STILL Getting Scammed on Social Media?


Editorial by Minx Couture

In 2009, Twitter became the first social network that introduced us to this ungodly badge that rules our lives. To be "verified" meant you were the real deal. You were either rich, famous, or just a popular figure to the public where social media needed to avoid situations of being able to authenticate someone for rending services, even if it were music, commerce or entertainment. 

For as long as I have been an adult, I am 34 years old, I have been around the inception of Social Media. We began in AOL or Yahoo! chatrooms and congregated in our buddy lists. I think coming up with an away message was the most stressful thing to do as a teen. We started out on the computer and would jazz up our profiles with crazy lettering and writing as the girls, and boys, well, they just wrote dirty jokes or kept it simple. 

I've gone from PC to laptop to cellphone, my favorite being the T-Mobile Sidekick LX, we navigated to digital communication that landed us into creating our first Twitter accounts because Blackberry's were becoming the IT thing. 

When they rolled out the verification on "famous peoples" account, to be retweeted or mentioned by these accounts meant that you had the juice. Nobody really thought to themselves that "damn, I wish I had blue check mark". We only really cared about building our following. 

It wasn't until 2016 where Twitter came up with a bright idea one day to allow anybody to get the "blue check". This would mean that you were somebody important. Instead of engaging with our followers and just building on great ideas, using our platforms to speak our mind to those who were willing to receive it, it became "lets buy followers" and "lets buy likes" so that they could get that "blue check".

Years went by and this became the only topic of discussion across platforms. You're nobody because you don't have a blue check. 

Social media used to be a place where people could digitally socialize and share content. It is now a cesspool of people willing to do anything for a following and the people with verification badges are no different from a cop who turns on their sirens just to avoid a traffic light. 

What is the point of a verification badge? Everyone runs businesses, some people have a larger following than others, and celebrities don't manage their own accounts so technically, its not really them operating their pages. So, if a verification badge is supposed to be used as a tool for the general public to differentiate an impersonator from the real thing, how are there so many scams being committed online by accounts that are verified? 

The year 2020 is the year we have seen it all down to a pandemic. But the real pandemic is the amount of cyber crimes being committed by celebrity accounts daily. 

I read horror story after horror story about content creators paying for services such as influencer marketing and the influencer doesn't deliver. I consider influencer marketing a major scam.

These are people who have an inflated following, that charge to do something anybody can do freely which is to share a post. A fake cosign. Whatever. I think this is the most dumbest fad going on and here's why. 

How do you guarantee something that involves free will? Likes and views are by choice. The fact that you promise that a person is going to gain a certain following by paying you HUNDREDS to post some shit is beyond belief. Posting something isn't promotion. 

Promotion is where you literally take the time out of your greedy day to come up with a marketing plan for a post. Do the hashtags have reach? Are you urging your following to check something out. (I bet if it were Fashion Nova you would be giving us some Academy Award acting) Slamming your client with some analytics and shit, but yeah, that's not promo at all honey.

So, now, you have this HUGE and OBVIOUS scam going on with a company that literally shattered the trust of Independent Hip-Hop artists worldwide by using a verification badge during a PANDEMIC as a weapon. Deceiving their fans and giving them false hope of recognition for their craft, and placing them on inactive playlists with a low following. 

There comes a point in life where you literally sit back and say, money truly is the root of all evil. To abuse your privilege and gain trust of people that supported you through your career, who literally got you to THIS point where you are living "the dream". It's a shame you didn't have your BUSINESS together where you have to exploit your own name for chump change. 

Just eliminate the verification badge completely if it isn't going to tie any legal consequence of soliciting business and violating terms and conditions of other apps, like Spotify for instance who clearly states that they do not allow.


Saga continues. I just don't see the point in verifying anybody at this point because anybody can scam you, verified or not. You have companies that are running ads and they are a scam. Users warning others to not purchase from a company. 

What exactly did you verify? Alot of these fake companies change their store id's monthly. They are just getting too clever. Do you verify that these companies have a business license? An LLC? Any form of certificate to prove that they are a legitimate business? It just makes no sense. 

At what point do you realize people are tired of the fake shit. This is why I hang out in servers now...

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