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My name is Minx Couture. I am a product of a thought.


Legends of Hip Hop: Scamming Up and Coming Artists and Producers?

Are Prominent LEGENDS in the game SCAMMING up and coming independent artists and why? 2020 has been one of the most difficult times for peop...

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Cardi B DRAGS Benjamin Enfield to FILTH


November 22, 2020

Today was a beautiful day in New York City as I trimmed the Christmas Tree with my family to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. I literally got a surge of DMs and mentions on Twitter and my first initial thought was, did I blow up or something? (I hope not)

Imagine my surprise when I saw what was going down in REAL TIME.

I then replied: 

I was here for the shits. All of THE SHITS. Especially since I complained about him jacking me a couple of months back. 

I guess the universe was listening to me on last nights pod interview with A Podcast With Mo which drops the day before Thanksgiving.

The Video

I decided to do a RANT about this shit, because I am tired of it all, men like Benjamin Enfield who use their platforms to promote hate and put musicians down because they are unsure about investing into him and his "offers". The amount of clout chasing with people who ALL OF A SUDDEN want to "help artists" when nobody asked for your help is alarming. You can see in previous videos and rants about what is going on with this Tag A Scammer bullshit and this man, who CLAIMS to want to help up and coming musicians with "one million followers" has yet to use his platform to call out these scams and even worse, will not ALERT artists about these playlist/mixtape promo scams being ran on Instagram in the direct messages. Those of you who are not aware of the scam, please feel free to catch up here

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