Did Mario FINESSE Up & Coming R&B Acts?

So, Mario releases #rnbnext, a hosted R&B tape where there is literally little to no press besides Stardom101 magazine.

I recently read the article and was not surprised to also see an article from Trillest Entertainment who has promoted these dead tapes in the past. RNBNEXT features several up and coming artists that is released on audiomack. 

With clearly inflated numbers, these artists have no idea how much deceit is filled with this tape down to the fact that not even Mario himself is promoting it. 

Yes, you read that right. Not even HE is promoting it!

So now these artists are forced to use apps like Stationhead to promote it. But wait a minute. In order to use Stationhead, you would need an Apple Music or Spotify subscription to access the features of the app, so that would mean that now these artists have to work overtime to promote their own music and actually hustle to promote music that is most likely on DSPS everywhere. 

Some more red flags...

I looked up the bottom companies in affiliation with this tape and what was most alarming is that these companies have little to no information about their business profile. I even had to use quotes in order to better search this company as well as and unfortunately found nothing.

I then googled “Clarity Production Services” to see if I could get any past work from this company named on this mixtape and I was faced with nothing but dead ends.

During my search, the only thing that popped up was this video. 

After a little bit more digging I was able to find a LinkedIn profile but when I went to review the website it didn’t load.

Let’s talk about the website www.rnbnext.com

This is a rush job. This is a landing page basically with an embedded Audiomack link created by “Webflow” 

They didn’t even bother to update their method of contact because it directs back to then original handles of a default page. Sketchy if you ask me. What happens if a fan of the mixtape wants to reach out in regards to getting in contact with these artists? 

Bottom line: Just look on Mario’s page, no mention, no mention on his website. Just because you package SHIT with a bow doesn’t make it any less of SHIT. Mario just finessed these artists.

Just like his last tape hosted by Dablock365 

I guess Mario needs the strap.

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