EDITORIAL: Open Letter To ThisIs50

To ThisIs50, 

My name is Minx Couture, I am the CEO, of Minx Couture LLC, legally registered in the NYS Department of State Division of Corporations and Entity Information. 

My DOS ID is #5760089 and proudly registered as of June 02, 2020. My current entity status is ACTIVE and have DBA since September of 2018 when MINX Radio first began. EIN available upon REQUEST.

I am a hard working black woman in the United States of America coming from a nightmare career as Receptionist, Legal Assistant and as well as Car Saleswoman. I guess you can say, I have always been in a male dominated and driven society down to my choices in careers. 

I am used to the intimidation that many men have felt upon me gracing their presence in the workplace and in the music business in general. I am not surprised nor do I get my feelings hurt because of this said intimidation. I was always taught that to be INTIMIDATED it means you lack confidence in yourself and although this is certainly a personal problem, it is not MY problem. 

A couple of days ago, your handlers, Big Trill, DaBlock365 and Uncle Murda had you issue a public apology for a story that even Freddie Gibbs shared to his social media because of his legitimate concern for the Tag An Artist scam that is sweeping the pockets of many independent artists during the pandemic.

You indicated in your blog that I was "chasing clout". We understand that you are a "Hip Hop Blog" and need to use terms to seem relatable to the youth who clearly isn't checking for your page. I ran an analytical search for your website and I have a couple of questions. 

We are in a mobile device world. Please explain to the public why the majority of your traffic (82%) is coming a DESKTOP. Typically this is botted behavior. Social media (ie when you share your article to social media) is at a meager 2.18%. No one is visiting your site via mail and you have very low referrals. There is no way you have organically reached 128K in site visits. Here's why.

The AVERAGE person actually visits your website for 1 minute and then leaves. Most bots visit a page for 45 seconds to one minute. According to google,

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-engagement visits to your site. That means, what Google Analytics is actually tracking is the number of visitors who come to your page and leave without viewing any other page on your website or engaging with your page in any meaningful way (more on that in a previous chapter).

In which my statement is deemed fact because nobody is looking at anything on your site. It's just a VISIT. So you are lying to advertisers, you are lying to individuals who are investing into their stories being featured on your site. Big mistake.

Lets continue:

Again, you are getting the majority of your traffic via DESKTOP. I am almost 100% sure this is a lie. Mobile traffic is minuscule. I guess you haven't invested properly into SEO marketing because there is no reason for your mobile traffic to be so low, but we know why. 

Now, in the matter of "chasing clout" lets explore what clout is first. 

According to Urban Dictionary, 

is defined as "feeding off the popularity of others." Well, Big Trill has to feed off the popularity of Sauce Walka as a "manager" of his because if you would have titled your article 

"Big Trill and Major Hip Hop Artists Present Amazing Unique Opportunity Through The Power of Promotion for Unsigned Artists"

And not "Sauce Walka Manager"...and let me emphasis the grammatical error which also destroy's your credibility as a blogger. It's Sauce Walka's (with an s) manager.

You could of also said " ...Presents an Amazing and Unique Opportunity WITH the Power of Promotion for Independent Artists."


"...Major Hip-Hop Artists Are Presenting Unique Opportunities with the Power of Promotion for Independent Artists during a Pandemic"

See, those are attention grabbing titles, grammatically correct yet still LIES. 

As an independent artist, the term UNSIGNED is ridiculous in 2020. We don't want to be enslaved in record deals like these artists you are dick riding so heavy. The same artists who are scrambling and looking for their next victim to up sell a BULLSHIT mixtape. We don't listen to mixtapes. We listen to PLAYLISTS. 

You are still stuck with this OLD HEAD mentality of music discovery and I can tell you that I have not, within the last 7 years, discovered an artist off a DatPiff mixtape or Top Mixtapes tape. A spotify playlist, Soundcloud, but NEVER these outdated sources of Mp3s. 

We know that THIS era is coming to an end being that Record Labels have begun their suits against these fake tapes, Spinrilla being the first to be taken down. (Read article here)

I PERSONALLY took the liberty of sending DatPiff and Top Mixtapes to be the next to be reviewed for Piracy (aww sorry Big Trill, that might cut into your pockets)

The bottom line is DO NOT FUCK WITH ME.

I own hundreds of dollars worth of software that can and will crawl your website and send data back to your advertisers to let them know they are investing into a website with literally fake traffic. I will make sure to it that you will regret coming across my business over here at MINX Radio. 

I know ALOT and that alone should scare you or anybody who thinks that I cannot destroy their infrastructure with just one telegram visit. Again, DO NOT FUCK WITH ME.

See, this is MY website, I own this bitch. You don't own your shit. You can pay every single blog you'd like to send out a narrative that fits your crimes, but I do humbly advise that you remove my business name from your article. 

I appreciate the FREE PRESS but we pay for all of our advertising down to the merch our supporters wear to let MINX Radio become a NEW household name for entertainment, news and education. 

Perhaps you should take a course in writing, journalism and overall social media etiquette. 

You have 24 hours to redact MY business name from your fake news/hip hop blog sites or DDOS attacks begin. I'm sure you don't want that thisis50 to go down. 

24 HOURS. 



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