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New York has always been depicted as one of the toughest cities to reside in the United States of America. We have always been reminded to keep our thoughts to ourselves and curb our attitudes in the slightest inkling of disrespect. 

When it comes to using your voice and your platform to wake up the public to the heinous realties of this pandemic, its simply put our bodies, our choice. 

Jo Rose has stepped up to the plate for New Yorkers in standing up against these mandates in order to simply survive. 

She is seen here at a New York City council meeting regarding mask mandates: 

Now whether you are for the vax or anti vax, there is one thing we can all agree on, and that is the fact that this government is required to be honest with its citizens. 

Along with the New York Freedom Rally, they are standing up against those who are in control and encourage others daily to stand up for their rights. 

Their efforts, even though working through endless shadowbans and threats of suspension, they continue the mission as more and more people wake up. Even if that means she has to take it to the streets or on the subways, she is pounding that payment with her amazing team to get New York City to wake up to this tyranny and countless civil rights violations. 

I commend this astounding Leader. Please follow, support and more importantly, SHARE so that we can wake up the people.

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