You're On Notice.

This is a formal notice to let Benjamin Enfield, The Academy Music Business, his "staff", his "personnel" and "supporters" to cease and desist from all contact to myself, my family, and my supporters of the MINX Radio platform or any other services, social media within my conglomerate of MINX COUTURE LLC. 

There will be no replies, responses, and further discussions with you other than your retained counsel and legal correspondence. 

If you do continue to reach out and slander my name and my business and release my home address or any other personal information of mine, I will have to take further action in ensuring my safety and my families safety. 

You have been officially put on NOTICE, as of April 28th 2022 PUBICALLY.

The information on RECORD to remit legal correspondence. 

You are not permitted to trespass my on my HOME PROPERTY or send any person or person(s) to my home unless it is a legal process server that will file within NYS Courts that I was served. 

Thank you.
Minx Couture


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