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Are Press Kits Really Relavant?

I wouldn't call myself "the press" but I certainly have to accept that fact that this growing platform and show is being viewed as "Hip-Hop Media" outlet. I often receive dm's of interested parties who ask me questions like "how do I get on your show" and "what do you need from me?". 

I can tell you myself, it is very important to have your electronic press kit together. 

What is a press kit? Well, in short, it is your artist resume. In today's age, media outlets really just want to have a link that showcases everything about you. Your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Itunes, a short bio and events you have coming up. Even videos of past performances help. 

I find that it makes you look more professional when you approach media outlets with a press kit. Even if you don't have one, you can always create a something simple like this My Cheap Version of EPK . This gets right to the point and allows the person to look at all of your services without having to click around and go crazy looking for your content because think about it,

How do you know if the song you are submitting will be a HIT. What if its a MISS? 

Some of the artists that sent me electronic resume's such as this, I was able to go through their cataloge and pick the songs I LIKE for MY SHOW. It's so simple. There are so many different services, paid and free, that can help you get your social media and links organized. It's also a great tool to put in your bio for future fans to check you out. 

People don't want to search for your content, TRUST ME. I have people that ask me if I have spotify or audiomack, or didn't even know that I had a soundcloud or youtube. This is why this is so important to get organized. You never know whos watching. 


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