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Can You Hack Social Media?

Ever just sit and look at successful ( I say that loosely) people? In other words, do you ever sit there and say to yourself, "how did this motherfucker become famous?" before the facepalm and teeth grit? It's not a hateful question. Its not being a hater or clout chaser. This is a legitimate question. How DID this motherfucker become famous? 

Allthough irritating, it is also fascinating to see yet another artist get pumped out here with a massive following, song on the billboard charts, shows booked up from NY to Europe, crying and screaming adoring fans who know their every mumble lyric and interviews on GMA down to MTV. Well for one, I stopped getting irritated and I took out a pen and pad. 

We all know these famous people aren't famous for their talent, nor do they possess any talent. They are famous because somoene clearly knows how to hack social media. I myself, have been studying social media on another level. I leave trigger comments on popular blogs and instagram posts, or what I would like to call it Clickbait commentary where I leave my one line comment and if you agree with my comment you're great, but if you DISAGREE, I can demolish your character to make you look like a miserable hater with no life, ambition and you should have kept on scrolling by. It's amost a game to me now. I play on people's emotions just like the industry. 

What is social media? 

First of all, not everyone actually understands social media. Originally, Social media was a digitial way for all of us to stay connected after we reached milestones in life such as high school or college. Basically a digital slambook for all to converse, meet up and applaud each other on reaching pivotal moments in our lives. One day, people decided that social media was going to be a tool to be used as a journal, where the happy go lucky folks got pushed aside for the posters who would post up intimate details of their relationships and love life. Some of us easily couldn't stay away, becomming addicted to our friends drama where we were simply logging on to see who was talking about who. And THIS was in 2006. Myspace drama. 

Fast forward to Facebook where it was initially for workplace and school people to stay connected, when they opened up the flood gates to allow EVERYBODY on it, that's where I believe it was the day that social media died. 

Facebook started out professional and then became a diseased version of Myspace. Professional photos became women bent over in the club and status updates about work programs or company updates became selfies from jail to women talking about who's the hoe on the block. I remember this vividly. I thought to myself, how will facebook survive this wave of ratchetness when you have people like me who are in business for themselves? 

Eventually, artists and models started using Facebook as a tool to promote themselves as well as other sites. Twitter was another site where it was easy to post whatever you wanted without backlash. If someone @ you, you had to have really said something deep or fucked up. Now, everyone will @ you for the simplest things to argue about. 

So how do you hack social media? 

In order to hack social media, you have to understand how social media works first. Each website contains a different audience, and if you are like me, I collect them all. Reddit, Instagram, MeWe, Holonis, Twitter and countless forums and blogs. What I noticed is that everyone strives to be the most popular person of that particular platform. Whenever a new app comes out, people try their best to be a featured member. Nothing wrong with that. However, the goal is to get the most followers. More followers means more followers. I keep telling people, people are only interested in a number. Number first, engagement second. So, what happens at that point is that people do things to go viral. A challenge, a skit, Something that just stands out to be shared between platforms. Alot of people even do the most to get turned into a meme, again, another way to go viral. 

Your audience plays a huge part. You want to get like a cult following for your brand or content. When people start quoting you and tagging you and putting your content on their social media, that's obviously what triggers curiousity. They then click and review and research the hell out of you, which is why you must have a website. You must claim your google profiles. If you should ever have to use the clapback "google me bitch" and you aren't coming up until page 4 or 5 then you have alot of work to do. Go ahead. Google Minx Couture. 

Be consistent but not annoying.

I can tell you from my own experience what its like to go viral. It's SCARY. Scary because you already know that you people love and hate your content at the same time. You already know people are gettiing ready to attack you and destory you for being shared on their timeline for the 50th time. When I went viral on vine for a snippet for an unfinished song, I was made fun of, memes were made out of me, people were talking shit about my looks, and my sound, but I also GAINED fans out of it. I paid attention to THEM. That's what you have to do when you have haters. The moment you give them attention, more and more come out the woodwork to see who can be successful in bringing you down. Bringing down your spirit. 

Being consistent means you have to keep your content going EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you are an instagram comedian, you have to keep your skits and jokes current. Leave your followers waiting for more. Same thing with being a model or music artist. 


I tell you, from what I have seen as being an observer of social media, I think what makes people go viral the most is the fact that people love to follow people whom they can live vicariously though. If your life is mediocre or boring, you probably won't keep followers too long. With the young crowd, they get bored easily so if you are trying to grow a following and keep your following, its all about the captions and images you post. 

Face it, we all know that the number one site that people go to on social media to follow someone is Instagram, hands down. 9 times out of 10, people will ask you for your instagram handle to follow you (or be nosey) so it's important to understand that facebook pages are a plus, but to gather all your audience from Instagram is a godsend. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Followers:

I have nothing against people who buy followers. I have everything against people who buy followers and do absolutely nothing to engage out the fake ones. For instance, if you buy 1500 followers and 3500 was it a fake push is helpful, but then you will want to go weed out those 1500 fakes by actually USING YOUR ACCOUNT and engaging with people. 

The cons of buying fake followers, well you look like liar knowing that 39K people don't fuck with you like that, lets be real. Seriously, you're only hurting yourself looking like a fraud. 

Become friends with popular pages:

As fucked up as it sounds, I always engage with the pages that engage with me. If they have a verified badge, even BETTER. It's okay to kiss ass. As long as it benefits all parties I believe. If you can offer $20-$30 for an instagram story post im sure everyone can win. Again, simple hack. Nobody turns down money. Trust ME.

The one thing I can't stand are people who write the same comment on a post every single day. At that point, people will block you before even checking you out. Comments like "im the next Tupac" or "XXXtentacion ain't touching my flow" will only get you hate. Not a great way. 

The goal is to make your posts go VIRAL without doing STUPID SHIT. Just have great content to share and people will follow you all the way through the web. 


Study how viral posts/songs and artists actually went VIRAL

There are blueprints to every success story. Read up on how certain artists went viral. Where they got their start and start there. Its not about spamming feeds telling people you are funny, gifted, or talented. It's about manipulating the reception to your benefit. Have a hot song? Why not team up with someone who dances and have them dance to your song. Not only will you get plays for the song in the background, the person dancing will get views for their interpetation of dance to YOUR music. Working together is also key. 

Long story short, the competiton for going viral will always be a competition. People literally do and say ANYTHING just to be popular for a minute, moment or lifetime. It's up to you to figure out what for and why.

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