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Here's what I can't understand. Why don't you artists have websites? Fuck the links. You embed your music on a one page site, let the consumer choose what streaming service they can play it on and call it a day. Even if they don't CLICK on your links, you monetize that page with a few ads, and get paid from them just visiting your site. Yall gotta start thinking SMART. You do a show, "im on spotify, itunes, tidal, ah ah ah" AH NOBODYS gonna remember that shit. You say check me out on www. will retain fans better, allow them to sign up for updates of your releases and now you just saved time on promoting.

Stop tagging people, dming people, conning people for plays. You wonder why you have 5,000 people following you and people don't pay attention to you. It's probably because you are either Muted or people have clicked "SHOW LESS OFTEN". 

Wake up....sometimes simplifiying things makes people want to work with you or even check out your shit. Trust me.....

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Minx Couture (Host of The Minx Show)

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