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Dear Consumers Who Know Absolutely Nothing About Being An Independent Artist

I have to let one off especially after pure observation of how independent artists and consumers conversate online and the comments that are left because at this point, it is getting out of control. I don't speak for all artists, alot of them can hold their own, their clapback are exceptionally merciless, however, I wanted to put my thoughts out there to shut alot of you haters up. 

I call alot of you negative Nancies haters because face it, that's what you are. These terms that you use to belittle artists ie: soundcloud rapper, struggle rapper, failed artist, I mean my question has always been, what is so wrong with that? Alot of artists are in desperate need of development, we know that. But what gives you the right to put them down? You don't like their confidence in their record you deem trash. But how you assume because we all know you say our music is trash but you never listen to it. I doubt several friends, family and even a few fans aren't going to lie to an artist who has a small following. No one does the pity shit. 

See, until recently, I figured out the problem. You consumers are just that. You consume. You follow the crowd, what's popular, and you can't come to a collective decision by yourself. We know this. You only see success as fame, fortune and materialistic things. All that shit is perks. Actual accolades and awards and publishing, now THAT'S the goal for some of us who don't want that fame shit. 

Some of us just want a decent following and to collaborate with others who want that fame shit so that we can collect those royalty coins while they deal with the limelight stress. I don't know how I can make this any clearer. See, you look at streams and assume the numbers you see are the numbers they are. You don't understand how that portion of the business works. At the end of the day, you would never roll up into a company and make outlandish accusations that a company is broke or isn't making money or doesn't have clients. We have our good days and we have our bad days. Our bad days are usually YOU with your negativity and jealousy clouding our creative juices where even I see that it really isn't worth it to DEFEND my craft each and every time. But I do, like we all do, DEFEND. 

Music is our love. It's our baby. You aren't going to disrespect what we love or call our baby ugly. Sometimes, it just helps to say nothing at all. Like my grandfather always says NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. Bottom line, it's either you support our craft or you don't. You can't be so quick to compare us to the likes of your faves who are already successful. The same faves who started out JUST LIKE US...with nothing but a dollar and a dream. You watch their stories and become humbled and inspired but rag us. Makes no sense.

Telling an artist that their music is garbage is not helping. You want to help an artist, tell them WHY you think its garbage. There's only 4 components to a song. Beat, Lyrics, Deliviery and Quality. 3 out of 4 isn't all that bad. Sometimes I just don't see the logic. So I encourage artists to send that HATER a dm of your follow up records instead of clapping back. You know what that does? It makes them feel stupid. When they ask why you would send them a link after they said your music is trash tell them,

"Oh, I thought you were an A&R." 

Let them marinate in that "go fuck yourself" juice. 

If you don't know anything about marketing, promotion, sound engineering, beat making, or the overall music BUSINESS then your opinion is irrelevant at that point. Let's stop feeding into the people that don't support us and pay attention to those who do. These miserable people are just mad because they are at a dead end job, living paycheck to paycheck, behind on bills, have payment arrangements ON PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS, with no real exit plan, side hustle, or ambition to want to do better for themselves. Oh you wanna do music? Get a real job, they say. 

Alot of us HAVE JOBS to begin with, but we are supposed to live this black and white, negative lifestyle and not persue our dreams because they said so. Stop feeding into that. Let haters hate...that's all the energy they have left to do after being told what to do all day by their boss who really wants to fire them at the end of the day but can't. 

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Minx Couture (Host of The Minx Show)

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