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Fake Instagram Influencers! (RANT)

I love every aspect of promotion. There are so many ways to market and promote yourself these days where it's almost impossible to fail at this task. Some people prefer to hire services that can assist with that, others like myself prefer to do marketing on my own. On The Minx Show I always present the different services that I use that helps me get my songs and ideas out there. 


I just wanted to take the time out to give a huge FUCK YOU to people using growth services incorrectly on Instagram. You know when people are using these services because when you upload a picture or video with hastags, you become inudated with the fake generated comments like "nice pic bro" (even if you are a female) or the infamous "dm me for promo". Not only is it annoying to get fake comments like this, it also makes a person look like they are paying for fake comments to be generated when they are not. 

I have responded to some of these comments, ok CLAPPED BACK at these comments myself. I even got into a few arguments regarding the obvious SPAM on my page before deleting the comment.

One of the explosive arguments that  I got into a few months back was with an instagram user by the name of @louiethaagodd


So, he commented on my picture "dm me for promo fam" and it as about that time when I had enough, I had to let him have it. First of all, I told this kid that I didn't appreciate robotic and fake comments on my page. He replied back saying that he WASN'T a bot and that he was indeed a REAL person. I told him that he wasn't a real influencer. One picture? 10K followers and less than 5K likes? Makes no sense. So we argued back and forth, basically for an hour before he blocked me. I told him that he was using services to robotically target people and leave comments on their page and that I wasn't stupid. This is DUMB. I decided to run a social media audit on him to prove that he wasn't authentic at all. 

Unfortunately, this is why so many artists get scammed by these fake services that don't have organic followers or an organic reach so it makes no sense to spend a dime with any service or company this tax season until you get proof that they really do have the likes and followers with adequate user engagemement. 

I certainly do tell people to do their homework regarding working with anybody when it comes to money. But how can you tell if a person has a bullshit following. 

See, as a podcaster, I pay for social media audits. Especially after starting out, I was working with people who claim they have 30K followers and then when I play their content on my show, there's not a peep of support. I was told it was because my podcast was new and their followers could not find the show. This was way before I was on major platforms. 

I also got into arguments with people interested in being a guest or having their content showcased on my show where when I asked for a small fee, it was" I have 20K followers, you don't even have 1K to be charging people to be on your show. I'm actually doing YOU a favor." Yes people do have the cojones to say that shit when you are asking for money. So even WITHOUT these social media audit services, what I began doing is looking for the obvious signs of BULLSHIT influencers. 

How to spot a fake instagram influencer?

  • Their likes do not match their following. The purpose of instagram is for people to LIKE their pictures. And not even with hastags either. If a person has 30K followers and they are only able to get 15 likes within the first 10-15 minutes of the post, something is wrong. That means that someone brought their followers. 


  • Their comments are not organic. Comments like "great post" or "Awesome!" Is not REAL. Look on account's like @shaderoom or other blogs. People pour their hearts and thoughts and negative criticism into a comment. People argue on the post. People provide more characters including emoji's in a comment. 


  • Their DM's are pushy and pricing is not upfront. I get it. We are all in this to make money. However, if a person does seem to be an influencer, they will finesse their way through questions you have regarding their services. They will first throw you generic engagement percentages, and then tell you how many people they have helped. The truth is, if a service has helped so many people, they should be able to provide examples of the instagram users they have helped. 

Also, ASK for proof of their engagement for the last 3 months. This should not be a problem to receive this information. The bottom line is that people buy followers. People buy likes and views. But what you CAN'T buy is proof of engagement. Even for my show, I have no problem showing to any client my engagement. It builds trust and shows the client that you are open to answer any questions they may have. 

This guy blocked and deleted me right away like I was agitating him even though he wrote his comment on my account. It's time to start challenging these people who directly target artists and producers with their generated responses. 

In case you are wondering, there are SAFE bots out there to use to grow your instagram that act as real humans. The free bots these idiots use are the reason why they get account bans. The bot that I use engages with clients with the hashtags that I am interested in. I have a video that shows how to use these tools properly. Paying for your services means you get QUALITY and not just quantity. Stop buying followers and stop these people in their tracks. 

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