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Pay for Promotion vs Non Pay


Okay...okay! Before you say "eff this" just hear me out. I'm an artist just like you who is tired of the bullshit games and the lies and money hungry snakes out there just trying to make a quick buck off of people. I am on the same boat. This is one of the many reasons why I created this platform. For the tired artists who just want to network and share their content without having to worry about money and those "pay for play" scams.

I can allthough offer a few tips and tools in order to help you make better decisions an artist and what may work for you may not work for someone else. i just enjoy giving advice when I can. 

First and foremost, congratulations. For what? Well, you have gotten this far. You have the product to push and not enough hands to help you distribute your "drug" which is music. Well, you can go the "like for like" route or the "share for share" route but that's not really going to take you far. Realistically. 

I'm here to tell you, I have failed as an artist. I can happily admit that. But that still gives me the energy to pass on to show everyone where my mistakes were. I generally want to see everyone become successful and thrive to be the best that they can be in whatever it is that they do. 

Promotion  is one of the important key factors of actually being an artist. You literally have to advertise your product 24/7 whether it be in person or online. It is a neverending job and of course, it is mostly word of mouth-or ear.

How do I get my songs played is one of the questions that artists ask me all the time. I tell them all the same play your music wherever someone is going to listen. We are in the day and age of people who enjoy being LIVE. You need to really think about your followers and who you are following. I think the worst thing any artist can do is SPAM people in dm's and messengers. It's a turn off. Even to me. When you add people to group chats and begin spamming links, people get disgusted, turned off and instead of asking "where can I download the song" they are asking how to be removed from the chat or asking why they were added in the first place. So now, instead of directing traffic to your links, you are spending the time removing people or doing tutorials on how they can remove themselves.

People like when someone speaks to them personally. And organically. So again, maling services are great, like from Reverbnation but it is also considered "spam" and into that folder you will go. 


So, Minx what am I supposed to do then? Well, first thing is first. Pick a song, stick with that one song for 1 week. Im serious. You need to start promoting songs individually as opposed to your entire account. People don't have time for that. If they hear ONE song that they like, on their leisure time, if they are feeling what you have to bring to the table, they will go through your account. If you have video for that song, even better. Promote JUST that video. Alot of people these days are visual learners. They have to learn who you are by seeing what you bring to the table. 

Minx, the song I have is mad old though. Again, its OLD TO YOU. Everything that you put out is new to someone else. You need to stop shooting down your shot before you even share it with the world. 

Do you personally pay for promotion? Yes. I use services that promote my music which are on various platforms. I have submitted my music for song reviews with Time2GrindRadio and on other instagram live shows. I had to pay a fee. I think it was $25 but my song was played on the radio. Organically got followers and plays. I submitted for a free play with AJ who goes by @alindsey95466 on instagram who is a music exec and CEO of Hustle Streetz Records and A&R with Def Jam. There was a LONNNNNG wait but there was also an option to skip the line with a fee. I chose to wait. I like to see what its like to be the poor artist and the artist with a little money to spend. I was pleased with both reviews. I also had my music played on the 4Play Show with DJ Vlive. Great feedback. Again...artists need to begin to touch base with DJ's and other outlets that specialize in ORGANIC marketing.

What is Organic Marketing? Simply put...robots who like your shit. Beware of the people with 50K followers and only 3 likes on their photos. They brought them. Period. They can't help you. 


I do offer promotion services and I do offer refferal services. We have to start playing smart when it comes to advancing our careers. Stop being afraid to spend a little money on your craft. 95% of this music shit is chucking up alot of shit with a loss and of course you gain experience points. 



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