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RANT: Promotion and Why It's So Hard

I figured I write this quick rant because I seriously don't get it. I often say to myself, there HAS to be a better and easier way to get music out there to the masses. I find myself in these constant discussions with other artists where its obvious that no one is getting plays because you are literally advertisting your music to people that are not interested in hearing it! 

I can't even tell you how many times I have shared my music on my facebook, insta, twitter, and tumblr page and then when I get into a conversation with one of my many followers/family they always hit me with the Oh shit, you do music? 

It's almost hilarious at this point. But spare me the laughter, there is a huge question that plagues me. Why aren't people hitting play? 

First and foremost, I have to say that your target audience will never be your friends or family because 9 times out of 10 you are most likely spamming their comments or messaging them your content. You may even be blocked not not even know it because we, as the music community, are considered annoying and to advertisey (if that's a word). So there has to be another way to promote without being annoying. 

I mean, I've thought about just paying for marketing and promotion, but what if my music won't hit the targets that I set for my budget? Why not just take a chance right? Well, no. I woudn't. People don't want to spend money on marketing something that they aren't even sure is good. I like to take a look at other independent artists and see how they got their own name poppin. I'm almost certain it's not open mics and shit. That would be too easy. Most of these promoter based venues are empty anyway. They can't possibly be gaining fans that way. 

I've come to realize that the major problem and issue here is that artists are PROMOTING TOO MANY SONGS AT ONE TIME. It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the stats and of each song (unless you are superman). Every single week can't be a new banger and a song straight off the presses so what happens is that songs get lost in rotation. 

Each song can't be a single and alot of you are promoting songs that are clearly album fillers so you are shooting yourself in your own foot and wasting time on songs that would never make it to radio. Stop pushing album cuts. I do showcase my music and promote my songs as a whole, but it really is hurting my brand and making people forget my hottest shit. We have to remember that even though you may have heard the same song hundreds of times, one person is going to hear it for the first time so you have to promote the song as if you are hearing it the first time EVERY TIME. 

The concept of creating Facebook groups and "tag an artist post" or "follow for follow" posts makes absolutely NO SENSE. Let's say you have Walmart and Target right next door to each other. Yeah, they are both department stores, they both sell groceries and household items. Both have pharmacies, photo deparments, electronics sections, and baby registries. What is going to make people go to Target over Walmart? It's the quality, its the quantity, its the circular's they send out, its obviously who has the better deal. What could you do stand out more than the other artists. I mean, its all friendly competiton at the end of the day, with the same ultimate goal...or is it? 

I noticed that my LOVE for music is being overshadowed by artists who are just "having fun". Why do they get more views, plays, shares, likes and follows? Because 95% of the time, they are approachable, they don't advertise heavy, they don't spam people with links, their posts on social media are likeable and approachable. They just seem CHILL and unbothered by the people that don't support them. They lose a few followers, they're not sweating it? Why? Because they have a solid fan base. You have to stop trying to turn haters into fans. They will come. 

Artists have to worry about their target audience. When you get a chance, sit on facebook or instagram and create an ad (you don't have to post one unless you want to) look at the specific questions they ask you. Age range, location, gender.. things like that. Now think about YOUR music...what age are you targeting. What location? Is it more for males or females. Does it matter? Yes it does. 

Which is what brings me to the PLAYLISTS that we have created for Spotify and Soundcloud. Stop spamming the comments and get on playlists and then promote those playlists you are on. It's that simple. It rules out that "play for play" nonsense. Promote and you get plays. How hard is that? It's super easy and people LOVE playlists. As long as it has a witty name and beautiful playlist art, you will get plays. if you are interested and as always, don't forget to like and share my rant. :-)

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