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Stop Buying Into NUMBERS!

Everyone's favorite Minx here and I am here to tell you the biggest mistakes you are making as an independent artist or producer and that's foolishly buying into NUMBERS. Don't worry. I used to buy into the numbers as well. 

What does buying into numbers mean? Simply put, falling into the traps of reaching out to blogs or businesses that have alot of followers. That seems great right? An instagram account that reaches out to you offering their services to help you grow your followers or market your music right? WRONG. 

First flaw about that is the fact that businesses and blogs never show you their engagement with their users. There are ways to test their "pay me to post your picture on my page" theory. 

Look at their followers. Are they actual accounts? Look at their bio. Is it bland. Do they actually post pictures on their page? Could they be a bot?

Look at their LIKES. When you look at a pages likes, look at the numbers. Does it seem like they have the same number of likes for each picture? Are the same PEOPLE like those pictures. Again, could it be bots?

Look at their posts. Do they post daily? 

Whenever it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Don't feed into the numbers! Also, don't be like them. DON'T BUY FOLLOWERS. 

Not only are you cheating yourself, you are looking dumb trying to look like you are poppin when you aren't! I can't even tell you how many times people ask me to check out if a person contacted them is legit. It usually isn't. Don't get me wrong, I don't knock anyones hustle, if its working for them. But to puport that they are in any way shape or form here to help you, THEY AREN'T. 

I can show you how to build your followers and engage with your instagram followers, but that's for a webinar that I am planning. 

So don't get caught up in the hype. You are literally just buying into NUMBERS.


xoxo Minx

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