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The CORRECT Way To Promote Your Soundcloud

For the people who keep asking me why tf I keep using soundcloud and how its for shit artists and I can't possibly be taking my music career seriously, again, my Soundcloud is MONETIZED. What does that mean? 

In short:

    convert into or express in the form of currency.
    • adapt (a society) to the use of money.
      "a fully monetized society"
  2. 2.
    earn revenue from (an asset, business, etc.).
    "the company has not said how it expects to monetize the game"

So how are you going to tell me to stop using soundcloud if I set it up where all my songs have ISRC codes and I get paid for the streams. Don't get mad because you're not being UNSIGNED right. LOL

This is like androids to apples at this point. Its all about what makes someone looks LESS broke.
Anyway, I did this tutorial back then. Check it out. Share it with some friends. Even if you aren't an artist, if you are tired of people tagging you in posts, spamming you with links, attaching you to group chats, there are LITERALLY apps and sites out here designed for people to spam each other with their links into a NYSE kind of market place. All you have to have, IS THE FOLLOWERS which dictates your value...I'll get into that one day.


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