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The Music Game-Unfair Competition?

Sometimes I want to scream from the highest heavens from the top of my lungs that alot of artists are liars and cheaters. Especially with the shit i've been noticing lately. No, I will never shit on hardworking artists. I just expose the ones who are lying and cheating scumbags. 

Face it, there's no sense getting upset over people who are clearly buying their plays and followers. Get that out of your mind and stop looking at what other people are doing. They are obviously buying clout. LOL who does that? 

Well, these people do.

 I recently looked at my soundcloud and found this playlist created by soundcloud. Artists to watch. I figured, wow let me take a listen to some of these artists to see if I should reach out to see if they wanted to be interviewed or have radio play on my station. (Ballsy huh) instead of being excited, my excitement turned to anger as I looked at the numbers. 

Number one. You can totally tell these streams are not real. Are you kidding me? I looked at the comments and they seem almost fake. Robotic. Some even left "insert song title here" in THE COMMENT. Now, I personally. Have signed up for different marketing and promotion services but they hit an ORGANIC REACH. The fact that SOUNDCLOUD put together this playlist makes me wonder if these charts make any sense. How do you have 2 million streams but 86 comments? 1K likes? Someones lying. 

Number 2. The Music is HORRIBLE. Some, even the quality is so poor, I'm not sure as to why they even are on this playlist. Because they have 105K streams? Their followers don't even add up to the amount of streams. I just don't get it. 

Number 3. Large streaming numbers, not enough reposts. So you mean to tell me you got 10K likes and no reposts? The entire point of soundcloud is to repost tracks. To share the songs you found hot to your own page. 

So unless you have the trained eye to tell when someone is lying, you can't really piss on my leg and tell me its raining because to an undeducted consumer this is legit BULLSHIT that soundcloud is creating playlists and pushing artists who are not authentically getting streams. Correct?





Now, I have been through each and every single track on this playlist. The same playlists that artists are spending money to get on. So I pose the question, why spend money trying to get on ANY playlist if there are artists on there who are tricking numbers? I swear, artists need to do their research if they really think moaning, bitching and complaining about how unfair shit is is going to help lol.



So take a look at to see the fuckery in full form. These artists are not really poppin like that. 

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