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Why "Stan" Culture is Problematic

If there's one thing I love to see, it's people showing overall support for their faves in entertainment. Fans are the driving force in helping a celebrity stay relevant because they contribute to their cause not only financially but as well as keep their aglorithim up to date. 

But there is a major problem brewing with this entire "being a fan" thing that rubs me the wrong way and i'm pretty sure alot of other innocent people who express their thoughts and opinions on social media. 

What is a Stan?

First and foremost, let's talk about where this word came from. November 21, 2000, Eminem dropped "Marshall Mathers LP". I had to be about 13 or 14 years old at the time and what a time it was to be alive! On that album, there was a song on there featuring Dido on the hook called "Stan". The hook was originated from her smash hit "Thank You". The song concept was simply a crazed and overly obsessed fan named Stanley Mitchell who sent several letters to Eminem who becomes angry because he was never responded to. He then ties his pregnant girlfriend up and puts her into the trunk of his car while being super intoxicated and drives them off the river after recording a suicidal tape. Eminem responds to Stan in writing and then realizes that he is writing to the crazed fan after hearing about his death via news. 

Pretty intense shit. Even at 13, I was deeply disturbed by this song and it was literally NOT one of my favorites. It was shown on MTV all the time and I guess you could say, it was a song frequently skipped on that album. (Sorry Em).

What is a Stan in 2019?

As we fast forward to 2019, I would stay this entire "Stan" culture began when Social Media reached it's peak of having real time discussions regarding certain celebrities. Celebrities began referring to their fans based on team mascot terms such as Beyonce with her Beyhive, Nicki Minaj with her Barbz, Rihanna with her Navy, Mariah Carey with her LambsCardi B with her Bardigang and the list goes on and on. The wars are endless online with threaded debates and discussions that turn vicious and personal, it's evident that this behavior is alarming and almost scary to some. 

As we all know, I am outspoken and rarely give 2 fucks about a celebrity and their fans because I am entitled to my opinion whether you agree or disagree. But here's where the problem lies. 


For starters, I like Beyonce. I think she is an amazing vocalist and performer. I don't think she's talented enough to write her own song without any help. Here comes the swarm. Automatically, "I'm a hater" and must be attacked for my thoughts, my looks, my own discography. The reminder that "i'll never make it" and that my "music is trash" is lovely and then bombarded with harassing mentions and insults and screen shots of my pictures making fun of my eyebrows and my teeth and the list goes on. 

Here's my stance. I JUST LAUGH. I laugh because that is considered CRAZY to me. This energy that is being used to hurl insults at someone who has alternative views on what actual talent is almost hilarious. 

Another group of stans I don't give a fuck about is the Nicki Minaj "Barbz". Another group of clinically insane people who attack any and anyone who renders an opinion of thinking that Nicki Minaj is trash. I never used to think that Nicki was trash in the beginning. It is obvious and evident that Safaree (her ex) was writing her verses. I think that as a female rapper, that's considered a "no-no". You don't have help, assistance or input on how your verse is supposed to go. That's just law in Hip-Hop. I didn't cancel her for that. I cancelled her because of the fact that face it, at the time of her reign as the only female rapper (as they call it) she was only number 1 because behind the scenes she did alot of shit to prevent other female rappers to rise to the top as well. That's a HUGE "no-no" to me. We had "Ladies Night" and "Lady Marmalade". Funny how any and everything with Lil Kim had to do with women working together and not against one another. Besides the working with sex offenders, being related to a child rapist, and of course dating a rapist and murder herself, in the age of being in #METOO you would think she would use her platform to give young ladies and women confidence to step up and rise above being victims of these travesties. You would think her platform Queen Radio would give women a voice to speak up and out against this rape culture. But no, as I said on my show last week, Cocksucker of the day and crying and complaining about the very tactics she used to stay on top ie PAYOLA is more important to her. So, not a fan. Never will be again. 

But when you point out these facts to her STANS they too, with the name calling and going on tirades to personally attack somoene for having an opinion. Like @wannasworld for instance. She made a statement about Nicki Minaj's inability to grow and create more mature content  and then she was dragged to the point of having her personal details leaked, loss of a job, and of course THREATS made against her and her family. 

It's at this point, I believe professionals need to label these "stans' to what the fuck they really are: Cyberbullies. Not everyone has a backbone or is equipped to handle the backlash from people online. 

Fan Accounts

Almost every Stan has a "fan account". You know, those pathetic little accounts created to promote and argue with "haters" online. They usually contain the name of the celebrity, the celebrities photo, and a bio pointing out when their fave liked or shared their content. Pretty sad.

These Stans LOVE their accounts, so why not give them a taste of their own medicine. I am going to give you a few rules to go by if you are ever approached by a Stan and how to get them to shut the fuck up if you're not about that blocking shit.

  1. Engage with liners. One liners can't get you reported like the paragraphs of regurgitated and unnecessary information they throw at you. Sales, history, where they are on the charts etc, only reply back with simple sentences such as "Didn't ask but thanks." "Doesn't pay my bills but okay." ANYTHING to belittle them mentioning you or replying to you about their faves accolades that doesn't have shit to do with you or your life. This angers them. This makes them want to dig deeper to let smoke rise to other stans which invites more people to @ you.
  2. Do not curse. When you don't curse or reply back hostile, it makes them even madder. They will then begin scanning your profile for content they can use against you such as media, pictures, (if you are an artist) look at your music presence on Spotify or Soundcloud to point out your numbers not comparing to their faves. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Make sure you reply back to these comments with short sentences such as "Thank you for checking out my stuff!" or "My numbers may be low but my drive is high and I thank you for the free promotion!" Again, fighting anger and hate with a nice version of "Fuck you". Remember, they want to fight. They want  to argure. They literally go to sleep crying for their fave that doesn't know they even exist. 
  3. Reply back with RETWEETS. If you have friends on Twitter, responding to these lunatics with a retweet also drives attention to your followers to show them that you are being attacked but handling it with class. Nothing earns you followers and respect more than people seeing that you don't lose your cool. 
  4. Respond quickly. Nothing throws a Stan off their game faster than not being quick to respond. Replying back with a simple "did I lose you?" or "hey what happened, you got quiet over there" makes them panic. You win when they block you, remember. So when they are thinking for their next insult, you have to already be on your game to hit them with the "well you @ me first". 
  5. And last but not least REPORT. Haha my favorite part. When you have successfully engaged with this Stan, make sure you report them for the following impersonating a public figure, harassment, threats, bullying and other applicable offenses. The twitter police act quick, which is why you cannot react back with hostility. Their account will be suspended faster than their faves next hit and more importantly, it can't be traced back to you because you retweeted the entire exchange. Perhaps a follower was looking out for your best interest. (hee hee)

You CANNOT and I mean CANNOT take any of this Stan shit personal. These are people have not yet been evaulated by a mental health professional to be given the proper care they need to survive like the rest of us. These are people who literally obesess over someone WHO DOESN'T KNOW THEY EXIST. THEY WILL NEVER GET A CONCERT TICKET, A PHONE CALL, BE FINANCIALLY COMPENSATED FOR PROMOTION, COMPENSATED FOR ACTING AS A PUBLICIST, WIN A CONTEST FOR KNOWING THE MOST FACTS ABOUT THEIR AWARDS, STATUS ON THE CHARTS, BE GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO SIT IN ON A RECORDING SESSION OR VIDEO, they literally do what they do for fucking FREE

If that's NOT crazy, then I don't know what the fuck is. 

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