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*Minxclusive Interview* with Quintescence

On the last episode of "The Minx Show" Rapper Quintescence graced our airwaves with our first official interview via phone to sip some tea and discuss her trials and tribulations as an upcoming Rapper. Our audience was impressed by the strategic word play and delivery as I was with a freestyle that we streamed live on the broadcast. I asked a couple of questions regarding her past and what she expects for her future as she pushes herself to overcome alot of the obstacles faced as a female rapper. 

"Ive been asked to ghostwrite before. They've tried to typecast me as every woman needs a ghostwriter," she expressed as I complimented her style. She told TMS that she began writing bars first as a method of self therapy to unleash her angers and frustrations. 

"I basically was just determined to be better and thats what Quintescence means, to strive for perfection," she stated as I discussed how she came up with such a unique stage name. "I go so hard because I never started rhyming to be cute and pretty, make all the boys like me. That wasn't my purpose" she added. 

Minx Couture (Host of The Minx Show)